For Sale


Occasionally I have guitars, gear, and artwork for sale. Check back often for new, cool stuff! If you are interested in anything listed here, email me at

For Sale

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This started life as a candy apple red tele. Routed for traditional Tele electronics, and with traditional tele screw holes, etc but you can’t really see em because of the paint. If it was mine, i’d do all black hardware and probably put a hot rails in the bridge…. A guy had me paint it, but he’s fallen on hard times so he’s unable to pay for it. So It’s actually up for sale. I am selling it for $700.

1996 Fender 62 AVRI Stratocaster

Here we have a U.S. vintage series 1996 62 reissue Stratocaster, Sunburst with a rosewood board, and in great shape. This guitar has barely been played, it was bought in 1996 and not used by the original owner (kept in a garage with a Vibrolux amp for over 10 years!). I bought it in 2009, and used it to write and on some local gigs. I’ve decided to sell it..

Comes with original case, the only thing not included is the original whammy bar. It has some buckle rash as I like crazy belt buckles (see pic) but it is in terrific shape otherwise (very little wear). All original electronics, hardware, etc. $800, half the street price of a new one…. Pete Thorn set it up, plays great and sounds really good!

IMG_2239_zps41aa85ce IMG_2233_zps9d309ba6 IMG_2241_zps30d7a24c IMG_2238_zpsd4553a70


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