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If you are a luthier or are with a guitar company, you can reach me directly at

How to get my custom art on your gear…

If you are interested in my custom artwork on your guitar, bass, amp, or cabinet, there are a few different options:


I prefer to paint guitar bodies that are sealed and ready for paint, or raw wood. I have painted guitars that are already finished and clear coated, but if you bring or ship me a guitar like this, it must be stripped of all parts and hardware. I’m not equipped to strip existing finishes, so if you send me a guitar with a pre-existing finish and clear coat, know that I will be painting on top of it! You can order a guitar body that is either raw wood or sealed and ready for paint from a number of different online vendors, such as Allparts, Musikraft, Warmoth, etc.

Amps and Cabinets:

I prefer to paint on raw wood amp head shells and cabinets. I can paint on top of tolex as well, but it’s not my preference. Head shells and speaker cabinets can be ordered from many online vendors such as

Ordering a custom guitar featuring my artwork:

I’m currently working with Suhr Guitars, Robert Kantor Guitars (crystalized style), and Luxxtone Guitars. You can order a custom guitar featuring my artwork from any one of these exceptional guitar companies. I am open to working with other companies and dealers as well.

  • Suhr

Suhr will prepare the guitar body and send it to me. I will paint the guitar and send it back to Suhr where they will apply a thin polyester topcoat. It will then be buffed to a flawless glossy finish. Finally, it will be assembled and tested by a Suhr craftsman making sure that the instrument is up to their exact specifications.

To get my art on your custom Suhr guitar,  contact Travis Tingley at

Example of  a SUHR Guitar featuring my custom artwork:469452_10151085235010960_2125705087_ocrop

  • Robert Kantor Guitars

Acclaimed artist Robert Kantor and I are collaborating, combining our unique styles to produce one-of-a-kind pieces of playable guitar artistry! I paint the guitar body, and then Robert and his team place thousands of Swarovski rhinestones on top of my artwork, mirroring every detail, including the exact colors and shading. The result is nothing less than spectacular! For the players looking for some glitz and glam, this is definitely one way to stand out from the masses!

For more information, visit

 Example of a ROBERT KANTOR Gibson SG  featuring my custom artwork:



Luxxtone Guitars, featuring my custom artwork, can be ordered through Luxxtone directly:

Or, through Tone Merchants:

Example of a Luxxtone guitar featuring my custom artwork-  this guitar was given to me unsealed to paint on, and the unique texture and grain of the wood shows through the matte finish:



If you have a guitar, amp head shell, or a cabinet that you’d like me to paint, contact me for pricing info at


Turn-around will vary depending on my current workload and other factors. At present, my turn-around time is 1-3 weeks.


If you are local or in the LA area, we can arrange a drop off/pick up situation. If you are outside of LA and you don’t mind driving to LA, we can arrange a drop off/pick up as well. It is easier than shipping gear around, and much cheaper.

Shipping costs will of course vary. The customer will be responsible for covering shipping costs.





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