About the Artist


Custom Art by Trisha Lurie

  It all started with designing the team sweatshirt for my high school surf team.  Through designing that shirt, I discovered that the endless hours I spent doodling with fancy colored pencils and paint markers was more than just me wasting time between swells. I was developing a real interest in art! Shortly thereafter, I began painting on surfboards for friends, eventually painting professionally for various surf shops.  After graduating, I moved to Hawaii to chase the surf and live off my craft as an artist.  I painted surfboards, skateboards, designed fabric, and took on any art project I could get my hands on. My gypsy days on the island of Oahu are behind me now, but my passion for creating art is stronger than ever!  After my time in Hawaii, I moved back to California and continued to paint boards and design. I also started a T-shirt line, called Lurie Lurie.  I also focused on doing more canvas work, fine art, and custom paintings. Most recently I started painting guitars, amps and cabinets.

 I’m very excited to explore this new chapter in my art career. I have the ability to take my two biggest loves, music and art, and marry them together. What could be better than that? I love guitars, I love music and I love painting. The possibilities are seemingly endless! I will continue to do my custom paintings and other art as well, but I have decided to make this new medium my main focus. 

Over the years, I have developed what I consider to be an original art style. My goal as an artist is to stay true to what I am inspired by and continue growing and evolving on my own path. In short, I hope that people that want custom art done by me are down to let me do my thing! I recognize that each customer is unique, and each piece will be a collaboration of sorts,  between artist and customer. Having said this, I’m not the type of artist that will do something  just to make a buck, if I feel i’m not on the same page. At the end of the day, if it’s not my thing,  I will be honest about it. That is my disclaimer and I am sticking to it, in the spirit of true art! 

I am looking forward to what the future holds in this venture. Thanks for taking a moment to check out my work! Have a great day! 

please visit my blog at www.saltbluekiss.com

You can check out my music on my website www.trisha-lurie.com or on Itunes!  


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